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Threats change, and the capabilities of our adversaries are constantly evolving. Reflexive strives to be at the forefront of emerging trends in data collection, engineering, and cloud technologies -- connecting the best and brightest talent with some of our nation's most important national security initiatives. 

To accomplish this, we maintain a highly skilled and motivated workforce specializing in complex and exciting technologies. 

Software Engineering

Solving our national security challenges requires the latest programming languages, frameworks, and design paradigms. From web services to complex applications, Reflexive Concepts has the software experience to empower our mission solutions.

Cloud Technologies

The game has changed. Cloud technology systems utilize shared computing resources and data to scale horizontally, creating on-demand resources to allow for rapid development and deployment of applications like never before. Our engineers are experts in this new tech landscape. 

Data Analytics

Collecting and storing data is no longer our only challenge. Our customers demand accurate and meaningful insight into their complex and vast data stores. Reflexive offers mission-focused analytic capabilities, arming our nation's intelligence analysts with the information they need. 


At the intersection of Software Development, Operations, and Quality Assurance (QA) lies DevOps: a field where Reflexive Concepts thrives. Ensuring continuous delivery and high availability of mission resources and capabilities, Reflexive remains a leader in this emerging engineering discipline.

Data Science

Structured or unstructured, sparse or dense -- our mission requires data to be rapidly cleansed, filtered, modeled, and visualized. Reflexive can leverage our customers' rich data stores to solve the most challenging data science problems in the IC.

Systems Engineering

Our industry designs, deploys, and manages some of the most complex data collection, processing, and storage systems on the planet. Reflexive understands these challenges, and employs sound systems engineering principles to support the mission...from system inception, to decommission. 

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